A List of 170 FinTech Investors and Venture Capital Firms


Venture capital firms invested $39.6 billion dollars in FinTech companies in 2018. Every year, the list of multi-billion dollar FinTech startups continues to grow: Robinhood, Betterment, Kabbage, Coinbase, Wealthfront, Credit Karma, Plaid, Stripe, Carta…and on and on.

As a FinTech founder, you may have to raise several rounds of funding to achieve profitability or an exit. Fundraising isn’t easy; even as a founder in a red-hot sector like FinTech.

So, to make your search for funding easier, we compiled a list of 170 FinTech investors and venture capital firms, and you'll find all of them below. If you or your firm invests in FinTech startups and it isn’t currently on the list, please email hello@founderhelp.co and we’ll add it.

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